This specimen of rare Melanite comes from Morocco and has really interesting growth patterns and formation.

Weight: 32g
Size: 32mm x 32mm

Melanite is one of the three varieties of Andradite Garnet, the other two being Demantoid (green) and Topazolite (yellow green), both rare and highly desired. Melanite is also referred to as Titanian Andradite, due to the presence of Titanium colouring it black. The name Melanite was assigned to this crystal in 1799 by Abraham Werner, after the greek word "melanos" meaning black.

Melanite Garnet Properites include:
- Boosts creativity
- Brings magic into your life
- Connects you to the Earth
- Connects to the Base/Root Chakra
- Strong spiritual grounding

Melanite Garnet #1

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