Stunning examples of Rainbow Obsidian, that have been cut and polished into adorable butterfly shapes. Rainbow Obsidian is extremely hard to photograph, it needs very bright light to show up properly on camera! You will receive the exact crystal pictured, this one has bands of purple.

Size: 35mm x 32mm

Rainbow Obsidian is often cut and polished into shapes that show off the different colours of the layers. The colour is caused by the reflection of the microscopic inclusions within the obsidian.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed after eruptions and comes in a few different forms, including Snowflake Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian and Sheen Obsidian. The use of Obsidian dates back to the Stone Age, and it has been used for thousands of years since in weaponry and rituals. The Mesoamericans and the Mayans polished it into mirrors for use in contacting spirits and as portals to other realms. There have more recently been bright blue and green transparent "obsidians" seen on the market - these are in fact just manmade coloured glass.

Rainbow Obsidian Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps to cut ties to the past
- Accessing the root of emotional issues
- Brings hope and new energy
- Helps to relieve depression and mood swings
- Stimulates optimism

Rainbow Obsidian Butterfly #1

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