Incredibly rare Rainbow Lattice Sunstone crystal from the Mud Tank Zircon Field in the Northern Territory, Australia. These are natural combinations of Feldspar, with amazing brightly coloured flashes from Magnetite and Hematite that interlock in a lattice pattern, hence the name. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 8 carats/1.6g

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone was only discovered in 1985 in Australia, and is only mined by one company on Aboriginal land, so production levels are low and it is difficult to get hold of. 

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong regenerative energy
- Aids in leadership and organisation
- Powerfully grounding and stabilising
- Helps to brighten your outlook
- Aligns the Chakras

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone #1

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