Pyrite Cube

This listing is for one Pyrite Cube, each one measures approx 15 - 30mm. These rare crystal formations of Pyrite are completely natural, and often have indentations where cubes have grown on top of each other. They are most commonly found in Navajun, Spain. 

Pyrite is commonly known as Fool’s Gold, due to its metallic brassy colour. It gets its name from the Greek Pyr, which means fire; due to the fact that it emits sparks when struck by iron. For this reason, it has been used since ancient times as a firestarting crystal. It has also been popular in jewellery for thousands of years due to it’s pretty golden appearance. Pyrite can be found in a few different crystal forms, multisided golden clusters commonly called Chispas, flat crystal forms called Pyrite Suns, and beautiful golden cubes most commonly found in Navajun, Spain.

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helping to ward off negativity and physical danger
- Stimulates intellect and memory
- Promotes leadership
- A strong protection stone
- Combats pollution and noisy neighbours
- Stimulates creativity in arts, science, maths
- Increases ambition and commitment


Pyrite Cube

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