Gorgeous pale green Prehnite palm stone with threads of Epidote running through it. You will receive the exact palmstone pictured. Please note the palmstone has some natural indentations as is fairly common with Prehnite.

Prehnite was actually the first crystal to be named after a person, Dutch mineralogist Hendrik von Prehnwho discovered it in the late 18th Century in South Africa. Although it is most commonly seen in a soft, apple-green colour, it can also be found in blue, orange and yellow varieties.

The Aborigines of Australia believed that Prehnite could absorb and store the energy of the Sun, which it would then release at night.

Prehnite Properties include:
- Powerful dream and prophesy stone
- Strengthens visualisation and astral projection
- Boosts intuition
- Promoting unconditional love
- Helps to calm the environment
- Promotes peace
- Aids decluttering
- Relieves nightmares and insomnia
- Connection to nature

Prehnite with Epidote Palmstone #4

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