Beautiful carved Picture Jasper Hedgehog. This beautiful crystal is also known as Landscape Jasper, the stone looks like sand dunes in the desert. You will receive the exact item shown in the picture.

Weight: 78g
Size: 45mm long x 40mm tall

Jasper is an opaque variety of Quartz, and comes in a huge varieties of different patterns and colours, from simple Red and Yellow Jasper, to patterned Jaspers like Picasso and Picture Jasper, to fancy Jaspers such as Mookaite and Ocean Jasper that can only be found in small, select locations. Jaspers are sometimes mixed with different minerals, such as Unakite, which is red jasper mixed with Epidote. Jasper was a favourite in the ancient world, with many ancient civilisations using it for jewellery, seals and carvings.

Picture Jasper Properties include:
- Provides protection in the physical and spirit realms
- Useful in deep meditation
- Useful in helping to overcome addictions like smoking
- Property charm useful in buying and selling houses
- Helps to ground and dissolve negativity

Picture Jasper | Landscape Jasper Hedgehog #1

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