Beautiful hand picked Rhodonite Egg from Peru, with a gorgeous baby pink colour. Stand available to purchase here. 

Weight: 167g
Size: 50mm x 40mm

Rhodonite get’s it pink colour from Manganese, and comes in a variety of shades of pink, sometimes with black veins, particularly crystals from Madagscar, whereas Peruvian rhodonite is more of a uniform pink crystal. It is the official gemstone of the US State Massachusetts and it’s name comes from the Greek “rhodon”, which translates to “rose coloured”. Fine, transparent crystals are very rare and highly desirable for collectors.

Rhodonite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Boosting creativity including making music
- Helping mental balance
- Aiding with attention to detail and memory
- Unconditional spirit love
- Improving self esteem and sensitivity
- Soothing anxiety, confusion, modern day stress
- Helps you to see both sides of an issue
- Helps you to reach your full potential
- Aids in forgiveness

Peruvian Rhodonite Egg #12

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