Natural green Peridot crystals, these specimens are natural Basalt rock matrix with lots of Peridot crystals clustered on the faces. You will receive the exact crystal in the photographs. Please note these specimens are incredibly fragile, although we will pack them with the utmost care as we do everything, some crystals may become detached in transit - please unwrap with care!

Weight: 88g
Size: 55mm x 44mm

Peridot is the lime green crystal form of Olivine, and is one of the earliest recorded gemstones to be mined, dating back to 1500BC. It is a crystal that has been historically associated with light, and the Egyptians knew it as the ‘Gem of the Sun’. It was often confused with Emerald, and it is thought that perhaps Cleopatras famous collection of Emeralds was actually mostly, if not entirely, Peridot. This beautiful green crystal is the birthstone for August, and the Zodiac sign Libra.

Peridot Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helping with mental, emotional and physical detox
- Healing, mental health, ego
- Used to ward off evil spirits in middle ages
- Protection from outside influences
- Laziness, break behaviour patterns
- Enlightenment through meditation
- Relieving feelings of jealousy, stress and depression
- Helping you with a positive emotional outlook
- Soothes hurt egos and feelings
- Helps to ward off laziness


Peridot Crystals on Matrix #4

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