Paraiba Blue Kyanite is a rare blue Kyanite with a bright blue, almost teal colour, very reminiscent of the sea. Paraiba Kyanite comes from Pariaba River region of Brazil, near the famous Minas Gerais mines. You will receive the exact crystal in the photos.

Weight: 91g
Size: 72mm x 38mm

Kyanite is most commonly seen in it’s blue form, but it also has black, green and orange varieties. Blue Kyanite forms in varying size bladed specimens, whilst Black Kyanite typically forms in fans, and Green and Orange Calcite crystals tend to be very small. Gem quality Kyanite is translucent and makes for very attractive cabochon jewellery, though it is difficult to cut. Until fairly recently, it was confused with Sapphire, rather than being known as a separate mineral.

Blue Kyanite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Increasing perseverance and mental stamina
- Helps singing and strengthens the voice
- Aids communication and self expression
- Promotes calm and tranquility
- Aligns all chakras
- Has a very strong energy and high vibration. Excellent for meditation
- Aids dream recall
- Boosts psychic ability and communication

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