Lovely example of the raw crystal formation of Muscovite, it is a lovely soft golden yellow colour and highly reflective so doesn't show up well on photos. You will receive the exact crystal shown in the photo above. Please note Muscovite is extremely flaky and fragile, although we will pack it well it is likely that some of the flakes will come off in transit.

Weight: 152g
Size: 75mm x 51mm

Muscovite is the most common of the mica family crystals, and grows in large sheets or “book” formations. It is silvery and has good transparency when held up to the light, Muscovite has many industrial uses still today, including building and electronics work. The name “Muscovite” comes from the term Muscovy Glass, which was a name for the thick sheets of Mica used as a substitute for glass in Russia.

Muscovite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps with learning and studying
- Increases problem solving skills
- Boosts confidence
- Helps in contacting your spirit guide

Muscovite Mica Cluster #7

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