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Mookaite Polished Slice #10

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Weight: 55g
Size: 54mm x 52mm


Gorgeous Mookaite polished slice. You will receive the exact Mookaite crystal in the photos.

Mookaite is a rare crystal that can only be found in Western Australia. It has wonderful colours and patterns, ranging from reds and yellows to creams, pinks and purples. Its name is Aboriginal, and refers to 'running water', after Mooka Creek where it was found. Its proper name is somewhat less catchy - Airalia radiolarite; as it is not a true Jasper, but rather a silicified porcellanite.

Mookaite Jasper Healing Properties include:

  • Aiding in regeneration, wound healing, strength
  • Helping in making decisions
  • Boosting creativity, new ideas and new perceptions
  • Coping with children
  • Soothing loneliness
  • Grounding
  • Building self esteem, moving forward in life
  • Alleviating fear and depression
  • Helps meditation and dreams
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