Lovely example of the raw crystal formation of Lepidolite with soft Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite crystals running through it. This specimen is from California, you will receive the exact crystal shown in the photo above.

Weight: 91g
Size: 64mm x 35mm

Lepidolite was originally known under a different name, Lilatite, after it's lilac colour. However it was later renamed from the Greek word for “scaley” - lepidos, due to the flakes of lithium. It has been traditionally used to relieve anxiety and depression, and it is regarded as an incredibly relaxing stone.

Lepidolite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Aiding learning and studying
- Coping with change and awareness
- Farming and abundant crops
- Calming energy
- Helps astral travel and re-birth
- Helps sooth distrust, depression, stress
- Combats addictive personalities
- Absorbing electromagnetic pollution
- Inspires positive life change

Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline Specimen #1

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