Stunning large Dogstooth Calcite specimen from Mexico has excellent crystal formation and shine. You will receive the exact item shown in the pictures.

Weight: 902g
Size: 162mm x 94mm

Calcite is one of the widespread minerals on the planet. It is found in various colours including blue, orange, green, white, yellow; rarer forms such as Iceland Spar, beautiful bubblegum pink Mangano Calcite and even a black form of Calcite known as Shamanite. Some Calcite varieties even fluoresce under UV light, such as Mangano Calcite.

Calcite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Powerful healer
- Improves decision making
- Boosts leadership abilities
- Improves self worth and boosts confidence
- Helps learn new things and develop skills
- Aids you in completing your goals

Large Chocolate Dogtooth Calcite Specimen #8

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