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Iolite with Sunstone Freeform #2

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Weight: 96g
Size: 68mm x 43mm


This lovely polished Iolite freeform from India has copper flashes of Sunstone that sparkle in the light. You will receive the exact Iolite and Sunstone crystal shown in the photos.

Iolite is also called Water Sapphire and is the name for the gem variety of Cordierite. It was thought to have been used by the Vikings to aid with navigation, by acting as a polarising filter to help them determine the position of the sun on cloudy days. It was first discovered in 1813 and named after Louis Cordier, the French Geologist. The more common name Iolite comes from the Greek for Violet.

Iolite with Sunstone Healing Properties include:

  • Boosts psychic visions and clairvoyance
  • Aids in developing astral travel
  • Inspires creative expression
  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Teaches us to live in the moment
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