Fire Crackle Agate tumbled crystal
Beautiful Fire Crackle Agate Tumbled Stone in shades of red, orange and white. You will receive one crystal, each tumble stone is approx 20mm - 25mm.

Fire Crackle Agate is often mislabelled as Fire Agate, but they are very different crystals. Fire Agate is a very rare chalcedony from Mexico which has beautiful irridescent flashes, whereas Fire Crackle Agate is produced in a similar way to Fire & Ice Quartz, by super heating and super cooling.

Fire Crackle Agate Metaphysical Properties include:
- Stimulates sexual and physical energy
- Boosts creativity and expression
- Protects the home
- Increases ambition at work and the drive to succeed
- Boosts self confidence

Fire Crackle Agate Tumbled Crystal

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