This incredible specimen of Fire Agate is extremely difficult to capture on camera, as the layers and depth in the crystal run very deep. The swirls of yellows, oranges, golds and greens are absolutely captivating.

Weight: 38g
Size: 45mm x 44mm

Fire Agate is a very rare crystal, most Fire Agate on the market is actually mislabelled Fire Crackle Agate, which is a heat treated carnelian. The rainbow colours are created from many layers on top of each other that let light in which then diffracts. Fire Agates are usually found as bubbly rainbow masses with incredible rainbow shimmer when polished.

Fire Agate Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps send back negativity recieved from others
- Aids with motivation
- Helps to remove fears
- Stimulates your inner ‘fire’
- Aids with expressing your passion and realising ability

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