Lovely raw specimen of the rare crystal Eudialyte from Quebec, Canada.  You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 16g
Size: 36mm x 22mm

Eudialyte is a rare crystal who's name name comes from the Greek 'eu dialytos', translating to well decomposable, referring to it's level of soluability in acid. It is also known as Saami Blood, after the legend of a battle between the Saami people of northern Scandanavia and the invader Kuiva. The story tells that after the battle, despite the Saami victory, there was so much bloodspill everywhere that the rocks were covered in it, and this turned to stone to form Eudialyte.

Eudialyte Metaphysical Properties include:
- Opens up the Heart Chakra
- Helps to bring joy and happiness into our lives
- Brings motivation
- Negates feelings of depression
- Helps to alleviate self doubt

Eudialyte Specimen #15

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