Cobalto Calcite Tumbled Crystal
lovely pink Cobalto Calcite tumbled crystals. Each tumble stone is approx 20mm - 25mm, you will receive one of the crystals in the photo.

Cobalto Calcite, or Cobaltoan Calcite, is a rare form of pink calcite, with the Cobalt giving it the radiant pink colour. It is also known as the Aphrodite Stone, and much of the good material on the market at the moment is coming from Morocco.

Cobalto Calcite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps to release fear and grief
- Strongly connects to the Heart Chakra
- Full of loving energy
- Promotes emotional healing
- Increases feelings of self worth
- Helps you to forgive and move on

Cobalto Calcite Tumbled Crystal

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