Lovely Charoite gem chip elasticated bracelet. These bracelets are quite stretchy so will fit most wrists up to around 7 inches. Presented in an organza bag with a crystal information card.

Charoite has only been found in Siberia, Russia, and is named after the Chary River where is was discovered. It is a beautiful shimmering purple stone that is popular in jewellery, but the ancient Mongols used it to carve ornamental objects and to boil ritual teas in.

Charoite Metaphysica Properties include:
- Helping you to live in the moment
- Lettng go of old relationships, moving forward in life
- Helping you to see new opportunities
- Focus the mind, meditation
- Improving intuition and attention span
- Grounding the spiritual self, helping with inner vision
- Overcoming fear

Charoite Gemchip Bracelet

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