These Charoite tumbles from Russia have all been hand selected for their beautiful colour. You will receive one crystal, choose your size below.

Charoite has only been found in Siberia, Russia, and is named after the Chara River where is was discovered in the 1940s. The word "chary" means magic or charm in Russian, and this crystal is also known as Charoite Jade, although it has no relation to true Jade.

It is a beautiful shimmering purple stone that is popular in jewellery, but the ancient Mongols used it to carve ornamental objects and to boil ritual teas in.

Charoite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helping you to live in the moment
- Lettng go of old relationships, moving forward in life
- Helping you to see new opportunities
- Focus the mind, meditation
- Improving intuition and attention span
- Grounding the spiritual self, helping with inner vision
- Overcoming fear

Charoite A Grade Tumbled Crystal

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