This beautiful cut base freeform from Madagascar is a relatively new find, and is a mixture of black Chalcoite, green Chrysocolla and red-brown Feldspar crystal. You will receive the exact item in the pictures.

Weight: 1025g
Size: 124mm x 92mm

Chalcocite was first named in 1832 as Chalcosine, after the Greek 'chalkos' for Copper. It was renamed in 1868 to its present name of Chalcocite. A new find of Chalcocite with Chrysocolla and Feldspar has recently been discovered in Madagascar, with lovely green and orange colouring.

Chalcoite Metaphysical properties include:
- A strong conductor of energy, excellent for using with other crystals
- A lucky crystal
- Stabilises energy
- Combats lethargy
- Amplifies thought and communication

Chalcoite Freeform #4

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