These bracelets have 3 different colour varieties of Beryl on - pink Morganite, blue Aquamarine and green Beryl (gem quality green Beryl is Emerald).  These bracelets are quite stretchy so will fit most wrists up to around 7 inches.

Beryl properties include:
- Boosts courage
- Aids communication, good for sensitive people
- Helps let go of emotional issues
- Releases anger and stress, promotes self healing - helps grief and loss
- Helps achieve closure
- Good for travellers, in particular protects during water travel
- Heightens intuition
- Known as a Stone of Courage
- Encourages tolerance and responsibility
- Sharpens the intellect and clears confusion.
- Protective during pregnancy, discourages miscarriage
- Purifies the body
- Excellent for meditation – balance physical, emotional and mental
- Improves brain focus and study


Aquamarine, Morganite and Beryl Bracelets

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