Genuine A Grade polished hand selected Amber Tumbled Crystals, you will receive one piece. Each Amber is approx 20mm - 25mm.

Amber was formed from the fossilised resin of pine trees millions of years ago. Some amber dried with insects and other small creatures inside it, and such specimens are highly valuable. The colour “amber” comes from this gemstone, and it is one of the most light weight gemstones. Although most amber is a honey yellow-orange colour, Blue Amber can be found in the Dominican Republic, and will glow blue under UV light.

Amber has been prized by many civilisations and used as currency and for medicine. It was so valued in medieval times, that unauthorised possession of amber was punishable by death. As a medicine, it was ground up and taken as an elixir, and is still used in Western and Chinese medicine today.

Amber Metaphysical properties include:
- Protection stone for children, soothes teething pain.
- Helps recovery from illness, longevity, good for the elderly.
- Love crystal, attracting lasting love.
- Protection against outside interference.
- Assurance of promises, marriage renewels.
- Helps cure impotence, frigidity, promotes fertility and male potency.
- Relieves anxiety, discharge negative mood, creates positive, uplifting energy when touched.
- Helps battle suicidal thoughts, addictions and depression.
- Stimulates intellect, improves short term memory, making choices
- Helps transmute dreams into reality, and aids you in fulfilling your goals
- Recalling past lives. Strong spiritual energy.


Baltic Amber Tumble A Grade

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