This beautiful top polished Aquatine Lemurian Calcite slice has an amazing blue wave pattern that reminds me of the sea. You will receive the exact crystal shown in the photos.

Weight: 439g
Size: 165mm x 114mm

Aquatine Lemurian Calcite is a trademark name by Robert Simmons, also known as Aquatine Calcite, Argentinian Blue Onyx or just Blue Onyx. It can be found in a variety of blue shades, often with brown banding.

Aquatine Lemurian Calcite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Calms and soothes emotions
- Brings empathy and support
- Connects with your higher consciousness
- Helps relieve anxiety, depression and fear
- Strong connection to Water

Large Aquatine Lemurian Calcite Slice #1

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