Lovely hand selected smooth Angelite palmstone, you will receive the crystal shown in the photos, please note this one has a natural indentation in one side as shown in the photos.

Angelite is a beautiful soft pastel blue variety of Anhydrite, and if it gets wet it will turn back into Gypsum. Although Anhydrite has been known since the late 18th Century, Angelite was only discovered in 1987 and has quickly become a favourite new age crystal.

Angelite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Angel contact, spirit guide contact and telepathy
- Heightened awareness, promotes compassion and understanding
- Helps speak difficult truths, communication on all levels
- Alleviates psychological pain.
- Calming and soothing, helps relieve tension, anger and stress.
- Help when working with numbers
- Helps grief and anger, aids forgiveness

Angelite Palmstone #1

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