White carved Satin Spar Mountain. These lovely towers are approx 150mm tall and 50mm wide at the base.

These mountains are made from white fibrous Satin Spar which is a variety of gypsum. This is often mislabelled as Selenite, although the two are closely related (they are both forms of Gypsum), Selenite actually grows in large clear crystal forms.

Satin Spar Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps overcome abuse
- Quietens the mind
- Protects from psychic attack
- Aids mental clarity
- Helps to stablise and balance the emotions
- Helps you connect to spirit realm
- Helps to awaken and strengthen telepathic abilities
- Attracts of wealth and prosperity
- Promotes good business practise
- Good for love and relationships


150mm Satin Spar Mountain

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