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Tanzania Sunstone | Asgardianite Specimen #1

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Incredible rare Tanzania Sunstone crystal from Tanzania, shown both dry and wet to show off the colour and flash. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 665g
Size: 164mm x 113mm

This absolutely breathtaking crystal seems to have an entire rainbow caught within it, hence why Stu has nicknamed it ‘Asgardianite’ after the rainbow bridge/bi-frost in Norse mythology that joined the gods realm of Asgard with the human world.
These rare crystals are mined in Tanzania, world famous for the stunning sunstone/moonstone it produces, some of which have been cut into incredible cabochons for eye catching jewellery.

We were very lucky to be able to acquire some stunning rough, some of which Stu has spent some time polishing and some which has been left natural and uncut, as it is wonderful to be able to see it in it’s rough form too. As well as the affectionate nickname Asgardianite, it goes by the more technical name of ‘Golden Feldspar’, Ribbon Moonstone as well as Golden Sunstone and Golden Moonstone (both of which in their own right are forms of Feldspar).

The parallel rainbow inclusions within this crystal that dance and shimmer when the light hits it are unusually large and coarse inclusions of Hematite, unlike in other feldspars such as Oregon Sunstone where the shimmer comes from Copper inclusions. When polishing this rare and valuable material, Stu has taken great care to polish it with the orientation of the inclusions in mind, and to give centre stage to the sparkle! What is also exciting about this potassium rich feldspar is that on the opposite face of the crystal to the Hematite inclusions you can sometimes catch a blue-silver shimmer, similar to that of black Moonstone from Madagascar. These are often more pronounced on the darker black bodied crystals. The seam from which these are mined transitions in colour, going through greys, blacks and golden shades, meaning no two pieces are exactly the same.

Tanzania Sunstone Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong regenerative energy
- Aids in leadership and organisation
- Powerfully grounding and stabilising
- Helps to brighten your outlook
- Aligns the Chakras

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