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Red Desert Rose #2

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Lovely unusual Red Desert Rose Specimen from the Algerian Desert, you will receive the exact item pictured.

Weight: 11g
Size: 32mm x 28mm

Desert Roses, also known as Sand Roses, are formed from either Gypsum or Baryte mixed with sand inclusions that get lodged in during the evaporation process that forms the crystal. Each Desert Rose is said to contain its very own unique Spirit Guardian, and they have traditionally been used as protection talismans.

Desert Rose Healing Properties include:

  • Provides mental clarity, insight and awareness
  • Helps to access past/future lives in meditation
  • Strong meditation aid
  • Boosts intuition
  • Aids clairvoyance
  • Each Desert Rose is said to have it's own spirit guardian
  • Helps with self confidence
  • Very lucky, helps prosperity in business
  • Promotes a positive attitude
  • Helps strengthen relationships
  • Increases your motivation to achieve your goals
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