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Anandalite - Aurora Quartz Cluster #3

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This is a beautiful hand selected cluster of the very rare quartz type known as Aurora Quartz, Iris Quartz, Anandalite or Rainbow Quartz. This is a completely natural iridescent quartz that has the colour flash inside the quartz crystal which is caused by internal twinning. This is different to the coating on the surface of man-altered Aura Quartz. The effect is much more subtle. These quartz crystals are found in India, and you will receive the exact crystal shown in the photos. It has lots of little flashes, which unfortunately are incredibly hard to capture in photographs, so we've taken some close ups where you can see hints of the blue flashes!

Weight: 341g
Size: 120mm x 84mm

Aurora Quartz Properties include:
- Extremely high vibration
- A very optimistic crystal
- Helps with reconciliation and moving forward in life
- Boosts joy and happiness
- Aids in developing psychic gifts

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