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Covellite & Pyrite Egg #5

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This lovely polished Covellite Egg is from Peru and has deep blue tones with gold Pyrite. You will receive the exact crystal pictured, please note due to the nature of material, these are not polished to a high shine. Stand not included, we have a variety of options available for purchase here.

Weight: 186g
Size: 64mm x 40mm

Iridescent Covellite is highly valued by collectors for its blue and purple metallic tones. It is a very soft mineral, and it was named in 1832 after its discoverer, Niccolo Covelli who found in on Mt Vesuvius.

Covellite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Brings a positive outlook on life
- Helps you work to turn your dreams into reality
- Guides you in working through past life experiences
- Stimulates the Third Eye Chakra to unlock psychic gifts
- Keeps you motivated and upbeat

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