This large specimen of Hanksite is from Trona in California, the only place where this rare crystal has been found in any quantity. It can only be mined once a year during the annual Gem-O-Rama festival in Trona, as for the rest of the year Searles Lake, the salt lake where it is found, is used for mining borax and halite by an industrial company. We were very lucky to buy these wonderful pieces directly from the miners at Tucson, and even more so considering the earthquakes this year in California meant that no new specimens could be dug. This mineral must not be kept in humid conditions, or at least if it is then it must be placed in an airtight container. It should also be kept oiled with mineral oil if it starts to dry out to preserve it.

Weight: 689g
Size: 110mm x 90mm

Hanksite was officially named in 1885 after California's first State geologist, Henry Garber Hanks.

Hanksite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strongly cleansing and purifying
- Helps to unclog blocked chakras
- Balances male/female energies
- Raises your vibration
- Aids in astral travel and interdimensional work

Large Hanksite Specimen #1

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